VIDEO: Man uninjured after car tumbles down a cliff in Los Cabos


San Jose del Cabo – A man survived an accident in the area known as the Costa Azul Mirador (lookout point) after losing control of his car and falling off a cliff.

A police security camera captured the moment of the crash, when the car broke through the security barriers. The video surveillance operator searches for the vehicle at the bottom until he finds it destroyed at the seashore.

The collision was recorded at 4:20 this Wednesday morning.
Emergency services went to the scene and found a 20-year-old man who identified himself as the driver. He was uninjured after paramedics checked him out.

A man is lucky to be alive after driving off of a cliff and somehow managing to only escape with just a few cuts, scratches and bruises in what the victim is calling a “miracle.” 

However, he was taken to a hospital for a medical checkup in the emergency area by San Jose del Cabo firefighters.


The Mazatlan Post