Mazatlan beach vendors must also be certified


It would be by means of a type badge, where it is verified that they comply with all health prevention protocols

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The 800 beach vendors must also have a certificate that guarantees that they comply with all sanitary protocols to provide the service in this new normality.

The leader of the sellers of the federal maritime zone, Jorge Luis Ríos Rubio, explained that this certificate is issued by the municipal government along with that of the state, and they already have it in process to carry it as a badge.

We must comply with the use of facemask, keep a healthy distance, antibacterial gel, have a cloth handy to clean our merchandise and all of this includes both sellers and customers 

Jorge Luis Ríos Rubio

He acknowledged that despite the fact that they tell people to abide by all preventive measures, they have not done so, so they have received notices from the Senior Officials to comply with the protocols, without reaching a possible infraction.

What we want is that the beaches are not closed again, so we are in management for health marks for each seller, so that they comply with all the protocol that the authorities have told us

Jorge Luis Ríos Rubio

I add that in the first 15 days of the reopening of beaches, only 50% of vendors have joined their jobs, but that others will gradually join in.

In fact, some sellers have said that tourism does not come very buyer, hopefully, it will be composed these days, but even so, it is already taken out for family support 

Jorge Luis Ríos Rubio


The Mazatlan Post