A crocodile appears in Mazatlán’s Yugo estuary


The reptile makes an impression on people.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (July 15, 2020) .- A crocodile approximately two meters long went out to frolic on the banks of the Yugo estuary, before the astonished gaze of the people who at that moment, were watching the sunset on the beach of Cerritos.

The sighting caught the attention of pedestrians, who, incredulous at what they were looking at, came to record the moment on their cell phones and share it on their social networks.

Estero Infiernillo

Aquatic Squad personnel received the report and they arrived on site. On the shore was the large reptile that, disturbed by the large number of people watching him, moved in all directions.

The show lasted a few minutes, then the animal entered the water and was lost in the thick vegetation that surrounds the estuary, which is the natural breeding ground for these species.

Estero Infiernillo

On a continuous basis, bathers and walkers report the sighting of crocodiles in that area, locals propose to catch them and are relocate them in a beach area where they do not represent a danger for people.

Source: Debate

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