Mazatlan street vendors grow by 20% due to unemployment


People who lost their jobs due to the closing of businesses looked for this way of subsisting

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- According to the registry that manages the Mazatlan Sub-Directorate of Commerce, the ambulance in the port has grown around 20% during the Covid-19 pandemic, due to the fact that people who were left without a job for the closing of businesses they looked for the way to solve their expenses.

The deputy director of the agency, Jesús Guillermo Jackets Tirado, reported that in his register there were approximately 1,800 vendors and that with the 20% increase, there are already about 2,160 distributed throughout the city, but mainly in the commercial area of the Juárez neighborhood, as this is a site of high attendance, both for people and merchants.

He explained that the health protocols that are handled between them are the same that the public already knows, however, it is in these types of shops where more problems have arisen when complying with the sanitary measures implemented by the authorities.

The use of face masks, antibacterial gel, the healthy distance and something that we ask a lot from any merchant who handles food is the use of gloves. 


In a matter of street vendors, which is where we suddenly find ourselves with more problems, we continue to do the same, try to raise awareness, seeking that they comply with the protocols and also take care of their diners.

He mentioned that when a seller refuses to abide by the measures, he is first given a warning, but if they are repeat offenders they become aggressors of a financial penalty.

We have dealt with them through visit notices, a notice indicating what they are infringing, what they have to correct.

Many comply with the protocols, but when they are repeat offenders, a sanction is applied.

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He added that the amount of the sanction is according to the infraction that has been accused. In general, these infractions are due to the non-use of masks and crowding of clients.


Given the increase in street vendors in the city during the pandemic, business leaders demanded a real order, mainly in the Malecon area.


50% of the economy in Sinaloa is informal.

2,160 street vendors are distributed throughout Mazatlán.


The authorities implement a constant review of the preventive measures and if a seller refuses to abide by them, firstly a notice is given and if he recurs, he receives a financial penalty.


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