The Acapulco chair: a history full of comfort


Despite its fame and success, this design has no author or owner because it is not registered, so it is considered a national asset that is practically part of the Acapulco landscape.

Used by practically every Mexican, at least once in their lifetime, the so-called Acapulco chair is a useful, comfortable, and versatile accessory with a simple design that invites you to rest and why not take a nap, but … What is its origin?

LIz Taylor and Rihard Burton wedding in Acapulco

Considered as one of the most recognized chair designs of the 20th century, the history of its creation dates back to the full boom of Acapulco Bay beyond the 1950s, being used by great Hollywood stars such as: Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor or the Kennedy family.

Elvis Presley

Created anonymously on the Mexican coast, for years it has been produced by the company of Don José Cortés, with its classic design it is said that this chair originates from the well-known Acapulco cliff “La Quebrada” and since its creation, it is recognized for its circular shape and its particular fabrics that give it a permeable and refreshing effect.

La Quebrada de Acapulco (File Photo)

The residents of Acapulco say that its name comes from the legendary Acapulco Pacific Resort, which was located right next to the famous “La Quebrada” cliff, a place that used to be visited by many celebrities of the time.

The Acapulco chair became a design icon that reached museums, stores, and shop windows around the world.


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