Normal collection of garbage in plastic bags will continue in Mazatlan


Starting July 20, the use of plastics and straws in Sinaloa will be prohibited.

Mazatlan.- Municipal Urban Cleaning Staff will continue in the normal way with the collection of garbage packed in plastic bags, despite the fact that from July 20 in Sinaloa the use of plastics and straws will be prohibited.

Luis Antonio González Olague, director of municipal Public Services, mentioned that said rule will come into force gradually in the state, so he recommended that citizens provide themselves with containers for the disposal of waste at home.

He rejected that the workers of Aseo Urbano are going to leave on the street the waste that is in plastic bags, as managed by a news portal since the task of this department is to have and keep the city clean.

“All addresses have bags that they have already stored during their purchasing processes at supermarkets or where they were given or any other supplier; so those bags will continue to be used anyway, until they run out, even if it happens after the 20th (July) they will continue to use them ”.

The official pointed out that the time will come when there are no plastic bags in homes, hence the importance of having containers or containers for handling their garbage.


The Mazatlan Post