Mazatlan municipal government allocates $14 million pesos to fight Covid-19


According to the report, they modified the budget of 12 government agencies to apply them to products and financial support for those affected by the pandemic.

Between April and May, the Municipality of Mazatlán has allocated 14 million 55 thousand 654.39 pesos in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, for which it has made budgetary modifications in 12 dependencies, mainly in the area of ​​Presidential Supports.

According to the COVID-19 Municipal Government website, in which the Municipality publishes the Actions of the Government of Mazatlán to fight Covid-19, resources have been used for economic support and food supplies to families affected by the temporary closure of companies, purchases of antibacterial gel, cleaning supplies for sanitization, face masks, cloth and latex gloves, as well as vests with fluorescent stripes.

In addition, disinfectants and deodorizers, face shields, sprayers, digital thermometers, white caps, rubber boots, glasses, protective suits, alcohol.

Two neonatal mechanical ventilators were also purchased from Abastecedora Médica del Pacífico, owned by Dolores Verdugo Apraux, at a total cost of 1,705,197.19 pesos.

There is also a payment for a song to promote care against the risks of contracting coronavirus.

Source: Noroeste

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