Mazatlan hotels reach 15% occupancy in the first week of reopening


MAZATLÁN._ For the first time since the reopening of the tourist sector that was closed for three months due to the Covid-19 health emergency, this Sunday, July 5, some beaches in Mazatlán were active, and lifeguards had to send some people to the least crowded areas to keep a healthy distance.

On July 1st, the tourism sector was reopened and that day the beaches had an influx of just over 785 people from Isla de la Piedra to Cerritos, the next day it dropped to just over 60 people in total and the Saturday there was a rebound, as some beaches reached some 200, 100, 80 bathers, among other figures.

But the greatest increase in the number bathers after the reopening was recorded Sunday, July 5, mainly on the beaches of Olas Altas, Pinitos, and near the Monument to the Fisherman, in the Golden Zone, they are more distributed.

Governor Quirino assured that Sinaloa has taken to the streets with responsibility.

Governor Quirino assured that Sinaloa has taken to the streets with responsibility. (Photo: Noroeste)

“It has been quite crowded, we already have the influx that was expected, we have been relocating people to other less crowded beaches so that the healthy distance is respected,” reported staff participating in the security operation in the tourist area of Mazatlán during this summer vacation period.

A day earlier, rescue personnel said that in Playa Pinitos a maximum of 150 persons would be allowed to stay and on the beach near the Fisherman’s Monument a maximum of 250.

Throughout the bay, colorful umbrellas, people sheltered from the sun’s rays enjoying food and drinks, dozens more bathing in the sea, and people parachuting could be seen.

There were also tourists in catamarans and members of music bands offering their services to brighten up the atmosphere with their melodies.

To avoid a greater crowding on the most popular beaches such as those near the Monument to the Fisherman, at around 2:00 p.m., lifeguards and cadets of the Municipal Preventive Police no longer allowed access to more people and sent them to the north area, along Avenida del Mar, from Calle Flamingos to Avenida de los Deportes.

The sea conditions were calmer than the last days and the rescue personnel, who said they did not have a total estimate of attendees, asked the bathers to abide by the provision of using the mask when not in the water or eating.

Source: Noroeste

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