Escuinapa faces a problem: Mango Theft


Escuinapa, Sinaloa (July 6, 2020).- “Being one of the problems that plague mango producers each season, the program to combat the theft of the product was launched”, reported Rosalía Guzmán López, director of Heritage Assets.

Escuinapa is located 92 kilometers (58 miles) southeast of Mazatlan (INEGI)

The official stressed that despite the fact that this municipal agency has been kept busy with preventive issues by Covid-19, this situation of ant theft has not been neglected.

She explained that one of the strategies that is implemented is to prevent the collection centers that have been installed from buying any product that does not present its guide.

She stressed that the work to combat ant theft goes hand in hand with Public Safety and producers.

Every year, mango growers lose up to 30 percent of their production as a result of ant theft.

Source: OEM

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