July 1st: Mazatlan vendors encounter beach access restricted


Beach vendors expressed their annoyance as they find the beach access closed.

They explained that during the health emergency, a gate was built and it is locked. The works were carried out at night.

Merchants explained that without access they cannot sell their products as they used to.

In the reopening of the tourist sector, the vendors expected to have a rebound in sales but they did not count on the blockage between the Playas Hotel and the Flores Hotel.

The beach vendors told Debate that the construction works continue along the Mazatlan Beach. Some properties are building fences towards the sea, “and who knows if they have an official permit to do that”, the vendor added.

“All we want is to work, we hope that the authorities take action on the matter because this is an injustice,” said Alberto Salazar, a Mazatlan beach vendor.

Source: Debate

The Mazatlan Post