Mazatlan Venados lose baseball stadium concession


* They did not comply with the clauses

* The Venados can continue playing

The mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, said he practically said that there is no turning point in the withdrawal of the concession from the “Teodoro Mariscal” baseball stadium to the company Espectáculos Costa del Pacífico for violating clauses of the agreement and that the process still in court.

The municipality was interviewed this morning upon arrival at the Municipal Palace offices and acknowledged that in recent days a document was received where the company requests that the facilities of said sports colossus, in the Estadio neighborhood, be returned to him.

He reiterated that the facilities are in the possession of the Mazatlán City Council for a couple of months and after the company, of the Toledo Ortiz and Toledo Pinto families, did not comply with a good part of the commitments and clauses signed with the municipality.

However, he assured that Los Venados can train and use the facilities there is no problem with the baseball team to continue playing in the stadium.


The Mazatlan Post