Mazatlan authorities will be monitoring businesses to make sure they comply with sanitary measures


Mazatlan.- The municipal government will maintain a surveillance operation of businesses that have begun to open their doors in the “New Normal”, to supervise that they comply with preventive measures, said Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

The Mayor of Mazatlan added that in the gradual reopening of businesses in the port, the city began placing notices to merchants and customers in the establishments regarding the mandatory use of facemask.

“We ask them (the merchants) for their cooperation, that they do not allow anyone to enter without wearing a mask, and we are going to put that in all the businesses that have been opened and those that were already open. Today they are being distributed by city officials. ”

The City Council, through its competent agencies and entities, will be vigilant to comply with this order, because otherwise, we will close the business, Benítez warned.

“We are going to be supervising and if someone does not respect this measure, we are going to close it, I hope this is not necessary. People are convinced that this has to end quickly. “

The Municipal President mentioned that fortunately, Mazatlan celebrates its ninth day of decline in the number of infections by Covid-19, and that according to the World Health Organization, 10 days with that behavior, would be a tendency to decrease in cases.

“If you see the curve, today is the ninth day that we decline, first we stop it, we flatten it, right now we are already falling. If today it is possible to maintain (…), it would be the tenth day and the World Health Organization and the people who study about Covid say that 10 days is already a trend and that we would strengthen ourselves to avoid returning to where we are, ”he commented.

Given this, Benítez said he hopes that by the end of the month the tourism industry can reopen.


The Mazatlan Post