Nurse attacked with a knife at her home in Mazatlán


The attack occurred in Mazatlan’s Hogar del Pescador subdivision.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (June 13, 2020).- A nurse who provided particular services was the victim of a knife attack by a couple who entered her home this Saturday afternoon in the Hogar del Pescador neighborhood.

The health professional suffered a wound in her jugular that caused a heavy hemorrhage. Thanks to the intervention of one of her neighbors who transferred her to a clinic and her knowledge of medical care, she managed to plug the wound and contain the bleeding until she was treated by a specialist.

The woman narrated that this Saturday afternoon she was at home resting, when a couple came knocking on her door in an aggressive way, and yelling her name: Sugey.

One of her daughters, whose name is also Sugey, went out to investigate what was going on.

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At that moment, the man who was knocking at the door hit the girl in the head with a motorcyclist helmet when she replied that her mother was not home.

Mrs. Sugey declared that upon hearing the allegation, she intervened and was received with obscene words and death threats.

And after the threats came the aggression. The nurse who attends patients at home reported that the woman came forward with a knife in her hand and attacked her, producing a wound in her neck, in the area of ​​the jugular.

A nurse who provided particular services was the victim of a knife attack (Photo: Debate)

During the quarrel, the attackers reproached her that she and her patients were the focus of the coronavirus infection and that they had people, whom they would send to harm them.

Residents of the Hogar del Pescador subdivision noticed the aggression and immediately called the emergency number 911 to request the intervention of the police, since the nurse was already injured in the neck, and she was losing a lot of blood.

The daughter of the victim reported that her attackers tried to flee the scene on foot, and left an abandoned motorcycle. However, one block away from their home they were detained by preventive police agents, who transferred them to the municipal police station to define their legal situation.

Source: Debate

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