In Mazatlán, protesters carry out anti-AMLO mobile caravan


MAZATLÁN, SINALOA (June 13, 2020).- Members of the National AntiAMLO Front held this Saturday morning the second motor caravan in this port to demand the resignation of the President of the Republic, Andres Manuel López Obrador, considering that he has not given the results he promised, and he is dividing and hurting the country in different ways.

“Raising awareness in Mexico is our priority, we have to raise awareness and don’t ge deceived by the federal government, there are too many errors commited by the president, we must wake up please, for Mexico, for the future of our children, “said Ricardo Tirado, one of the participants in the caravan.

He also made an invitation to all Mexicans not to allow to be divided, because it is not true that there is a division between rich and poor, but what AMLO wants to do is to destroy the middle class.

“We must not allow them to divide us in this way, rich on one side and poor on the other side, the president wants to destroy the middle class and the middle class is the sustenance of any economy, the rich can always leave, you affect the rich, they just take their capital to another country, nothing happens, “added Ricardo Tirado.

“The poor are already used to being poor, but the middle class is the one that consumes, the middle class is the one that pays taxes, the middle class is the one that provides the best education for their children and the country, the progress of the country depends on the middle class, we must unite as Mexicans, we must be aware that this president wants to divide us, this man was supposed to come to improve the situation in the country, but he is doing totally the opposite, he is making things worse in Mexico,” Tirado continued.

“AMLO said he received a country in ruins and that he was going to fix it, that he was going to be able to make things better, and it is not happening, he lied”, he added.

“And let’s not make fools of ourselves, the bad situation of our country is due to the awful economic decisions taken by Lopez Obrador, he always blames his antecessors, but it’s not the past, it is the present,” he stressed.

It was close to 10:00 am this Saturday when the caravan began its tour across the streets of the port of Mazatlan.

“AMLO hurts the name of Mexico, he repealed the Educational Reform, isolated us from the world, ended the entrepreneurial projects of many a Mexican, ended ProMéxico, terminated the Tourism Promotion Council, abandoned the job-creating businessmen and women to their fate, he is wasting the national savings in useless works, divided the country as no one has, ” said one of the protesters through a speaker.


The Mazatlan Post