More buses are added on Mazatlan routes


Less than 50 percent of the Alliance’s urban buses are working in the city

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Starting this Thursday, units will be added to Mazatlán’s bus routes, said Faustino Mejía Chávez, president of the Alliance of Transport and buses for Urban and Sub-Urban Services.

He noted that since last week there was an increase of 10 percent of users in public transport, but yesterday the passage decreased by 5 percent.

The president of the Alliance said that they are already working with strategies to give a better service to the citizens and that is why since last week the flow of cars was increased and thus have more units during rush hour.

He stressed that starting this Thursday, two more buses will be increased per route in the city.

He pointed out that during the day of confinement, only 30 percent of the units work and today, little by little, the number of vehicles on the different routes is increasing and at the moment 40 or 45 percent of all the units are working.

Faustino Mejía Chávez said it is unknown when all urban buses start working, but they are reviewing how many people are using their units and thus decide how many buses are required in the city.


The Mazatlan Post