Mazatlan surgeons successfully reattach amputated arm to 22-year-old


Despite the difficult task of rebuilding the limb because it was crushed, the team of specialists was able to transplant it back into hes body; it is the first case that occurs in Sinaloa

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- There is good news for medicine in Sinaloa, since if a person from the south of the state suffers an accidental amputation, he hopes that this part of the body can be reimplanted, announced Dr. Salvador Negrete, plastic surgeon that accompanied by a doctor of the same specialty, they transplanted the arm back to a young woman who had had her limb amputated in a mango dehydrator.

And that thanks to the quick attention she received in the emergency from the paramedics and the actions of the doctor who treated her, wrapped, bagged and put ice on her arm in Escuinapa, the young woman recovered it, after having undergone an operation that lasted six hours, performed by a team of specialists who performed this procedure for the first time in the state.

“You have to make people aware that you can and do not decide:” there is nothing to do, it is over. ” In this case the young woman arrived with the doctor and at that time, he did not have the equipment and said: “I cannot do anything”, but the decision he made to prepare the arm and send him to a larger center, obviously it was the most indicated. This girl was very lucky. “

For his part, Dr. Javier Alfonso Rodríguez, who was also responsible for the surgery, explained that currently the arm, already reincorporated to the patient, shows vital signs, so it is expected that in a year or so it will return to having functionality. 40 to 60 percent of their mobility.

“The amputation mechanism if it is crushed or crushed is much more difficult. In this case, it was crushed but we made it successful but it was achieved, it was successful. And the amputee lasts from 6 hours if it is not put on ice, but if it is put it can last up to 12 to 16, 18 hours if the limb is properly treated. The important thing is to try to save the limb and not cut it first hand. “

The surgical intervention was carried out at the Clinica del Mar in Mazatlan, after the young woman was urgently transferred with medical expenses insurance for her work to the hospital, after she reached into a machine in the factory and someone unintentionally turned it on, generating the amputation on Wednesday, June 6.

Who attended her in Escuinapa was Dr. Arnoldo Topete; in the Operation Directorate in Mazatlán the plastic surgery specialists Salvador Negrete Hernández and Alfonso Nares Rodríguez, the anesthesiologist Javier Nares González, the surgical nurses Reina Aguilar and Vanessa Ávila, as well as the nurse Berenice González.

Fortunately, after several days, the patient has evolved satisfactorily and will be discharged when they consider that the time has come.

Mireya must take therapy or rehabilitation after being discharged.


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