Mazatlan beach vendors protest and reach an agreement that may reopen beaches in July


The street vendors marched from Zaragoza Avenue to Olas Altas, to culminate with Guillermo Nelson, on the esplanade of the Mazatlán City Hall

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Desperate and out of work for three months, street vendors from beach areas demonstrated and marched to demand a prompt solution from the authority, given the lack of employment that has them without eating.

The movement, which brought together approximately 150 merchants, began outside the facilities of the Sellers Union in the Federal Zone and ended on the esplanade of the Town Hall.

The union leader, Jorge Luis Ríos Rubio, mentioned that during the entire time of the health contingency only a part of his union members received a food basket, which at the very most lasted only 15 days

People are already hungry and desperate, we know about the disease, we know about the dangerous, but it is worse to stay at home with nothing to eat

Jorge Luis Ríos Rubio

He said that the sellers all they want is the reopening of the beach and that the sanitary rules that must be followed to be able to enter them are established.

He mentioned that it is illogical that establishments such as beer outlets reopen and merchants who sell crafts and souvenirs cannot do so because the beach areas are closed.

Ríos Rubio commented, there is a great need for the almost 800 vendors who need to work to avoid starvation.

So far, he assured, no help has been received from the federal, municipal and state governments, with the exception of the few supports that citizens sent in the first days of the quarantine.

The march was carried out in complete calm, which was closely followed by at least two units of the Traffic Police, whose personnel remained on the lookout for any eventuality that might arise during the journey.

Agreements between street vendors and municipality finally reached

Credit for 25 thousand pesos and food provisions

Street vendors in the beach areas that demonstrated in front of the Municipal Palace of Mazatlán this morning, obtained from the local authority, headed by the mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, the help to get a 25 thousand pesos credit with state RedFosin or “credit without collateral ”from the federal government, in addition to food provisions and optimism that tourism and economic activity in the coastal zone will be reactivated in early July.

The protesters, about a hundred, chaired by Jorge Ríos Rubio, among other merchant leaders, arrived at the Municipal Palace from Zaragoza Avenue shouting slogans and with a large blanket in front where they urgently ask to lift the restrictions in the beach areas so that street trade returns to normal sales. They say that 800 families depend on this activity.

They arrived and a few minutes later the secretary of the City Council, José de Jesús Flores Segura, came down to dialogue with them and ask them for a representation of about 10 people to go up to the Municipal Cabildo room where the first negotiations took place.

Ríos Rubio at the exit announced the agreements made and it was said that the talks will continue to see other supports and aid from the municipality. At the moment, he informed that the municipal authority agrees to release access to the beach vendors as soon as possible and perhaps this will happen in the first days of July and begin to reactivate trade in those areas.

Thursday, at 2:00 pm, they will have another meeting and refine other details of support.

In the questions, Ríos Rubio answered that he is not satisfied with these first agreements, but that they are progressing and that the “urgent thing for merchants is a loan and once they start work on the beach, they can start paying.”


The Mazatlan Post