Mazatlan tourism losses may total 1 billion pesos


* It is not time for reactivation

* We are in the most critical phase

Between 800 and a billion pesos is what is being lost in Mazatlan due to the absence of tourism, in addition to 25 thousand jobs, said the Mazatlan Mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, at a press conference, who said he never left and that he always he was exercising the government of the municipality. It is not time to return to economic activity and we are in the “most critical, highest phase of the pandemic” and preventive measures do not change, he added.

After a little more than three weeks of absence from the offices of the Municipal Palace for having tested positive for COVID 19, the municipality says that his return was not easy; “There were very difficult days and that counted age, overweight, high blood pressure and normal stress, but here we are and God has predestined me for something very important.

He sent condolences to families who have lost a loved one; congratulated the media on Freedom of Expression Day last Sunday, June 7; and reiterated that we continue at a red light and we must stay home.

He said that 109 days of this year are going and that there are also 109 public works of his government, one per day on average, there was no paralysis in the local government, said Mayor Benítez Torres.

The Buenosairean mayor spoke of figures and data of the COVID 19 in Sinaloa and Mazatlán and stressed that the contagions are not going to stop if people do not help by staying at home and taking preventive measures, from cleaning hands and healthy distance, among other.


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