The new soccer stadium in Mazatlan is a gift to Salinas Pliego says Iniciativa Sinaloa


The director of the Iniciativa Sinaloa, Silber Meza Camacho, pointed out that they will be monitoring the process of this new stadium to “mask” what is being cooked

Sinaloa.- It is around 700 million pesos that Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel “threw” into the pocket of businessman Ricardo Salinas Pliego with the construction of the new soccer stadium in Mazatlan, declared the director of Iniciativa Sinaloa, Silber Meza Camacho.

Meza Camacho said that with the arrival of the Monarcas team in Mazatlan, the only beneficiary will be Grupo Salinas.

He criticized that the Sinaloa government built a stadium without any structural planning, it is also a one-person decision of the state governor.

“We know that the stadium had two bidding stages and the two stages were won by the same company, which is strange, especially when it has been published that there have been observations to these contracts, saying that the company did not have enough experience to make the stadium, in addition to having cost overruns, “he said.

The construction of the stadium cost around 652 million pesos, and the Michoacán football franchise is valued at around 56.3 million pesos, according to the economy webpage El Ceo.

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The also journalist said that the way in which the Sinaloa government is carrying out the construction of the new stadium is worrisome.

“Everything is being done in planning is in the dark, and we what we deserve as a society is to makes all agreements and intentions transparent,” he argued.

“We also know that the stadium is being loaned out, and we do not know its rules. The loan is a kind of loan but really there will be no benefit for Mazatlán, 700 million pesos invested in the state will be given to Salinas Pliego, it’s that easy, “he lamented.

He also recalled that there is a possibility that the State Government will pay 15 percent of Mazatlán FC’s expenses, and although Ordaz Coppel does not say that it is a fact, he is already beginning to recognize that it is a real possibility.


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