Road Traffic Increased from 30 to 50% in Mazatlan despite still being in quarantine


The Commander of Transit Police, Francisco Guerra, acknowledges that there is a relaxation of the measures of healthy distance, that we continue at the red light, and that as an authority they are pending to give security to people; in addition to working on awareness campaigns on the use of face mask and keeping a safe distance. In his opinion, we still have three weeks of quarantine.

With the return to normality, he indicated that road traffic rose from 30 to 50 percent and that although the alcohol checkpoints are not operating, if people drinking in cars or driving while intoxicated are detected, they are arrested and brought to the judge

Commander Guerra acknowledged that as an authority it is difficult for them to enter private residential neighborhoods to stop parties or gatherings, but when they have the support of 80 percent of the residents, they enter to establish order.

He said that in the coming weeks some filters will follow to detect abnormal behaviors.

He reported that in Transits police there are no people infected by COVID 19, but that people with diabetes or high blood pressure, hypertensive, are helping us with work from home.


The Mazatlan Post