Mazatlan Salvation Army Intensifies Food Aid Center Feeding Thousands and Needs Your Help


The organization has benefited 10,175 people with prepared food in the last 10 weeks

Mazatlán.- The Salvation Army Mazatlán Centro, a non-governmental organization for private social welfare, help in these times of pandemic.

Since the health contingency began with the new SARS CoV-2 coronavirus, which has impacted the entire world, the Salvation Army has set out to intensify aid to vulnerable people, who in addition to supporting the needy, such as delivering clothing and prepared food, among other activities, increased the number of beneficiaries in their community dining room.

Since March 23, the food service began with 370 beneficiaries that week and it increased with the passing of the days, so that in week 10, there were 10 thousand 175 beneficiaries until this Monday, June 1

“Making the calculations of all this, there are almost 500 thousand pesos that have been invested to make support possible in this Covid-19 emergency, thanks to donations from benefactors, clarifying that we have not received support from public officials, only the councilor Guadalupe Ríos made a contribution, ”said Captain Raúl Romero, administrative director.

He recognized that this would not be possible without the contribution of donors, such as Surp Up Café Mazatlán, Iglesia Misión Sagrada, Pastelería Dolce Mami, El Camino Produce SA, Familia Coronel, QSJ Transportation, chef Julián Portugal, businessman Gilberto Mayen, Salvation Army AC local and national, businessman Rogeiro Peraza, businessman Lope Saracho, group of friends called El Frijolón, Eduardo Suárez, Pastelería Eurobakery, businessman Martín Heredia and other groups of friends and the general public.

“We continue to take all pertinent measures, helping the most vulnerable sector of Mazatlan society. We implement all the health regulations, both for the institution’s own staff and volunteers, following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, keeping a healthy distance with the people who come to request support, granting mouthguards and antibacterial gel to avoid any risk, ”said Romero.

The Captain called on society to join in these difficult times, as there are people who need a lot of support because they lack work and resources to solve the most basic things, such as food and clothing.

“Right now we need all kinds of contributions, but something we always require are potatoes, carrots, garlic, vegetables, corn, chipotle, peas, canned jalapeños, beans, tuna in water of 500 ml., Disposable (glasses of # 8 , 7 × 7 containers, large spoon), among other groups of foods that provide protein ”.

The Salvation Army AC is a Protestant Christian denomination founded in 1865 by Methodist pastor William Booth and his wife Catherine Booth, however, it is much better known as a private non-governmental charitable organization. It is an organization with a presence in several countries and is characterized by helping the most disadvantaged.

If you wish to support the Salvation Army to continue its commendable work, call 669-982-3453, where Captain Raúl Romero will give you further information.


Week 1 = 370

Week 2 = 546

Week 3 = 671

Week 4 = 1,010

Week 5 = 1,275

Week 6 = 1,213

Week 7 = 1,258

Week 8 = 1,260

Week 9 = 1,252

Week 10 = 1,320

TOTAL of 10 Weeks 10,175 Beneficiaries



Salvation Army AC

Account: # 00105579473

Key: 044180001055794738

Tax deductible donations.


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