Beer is scarce in Mazatlan stores


Some convenience stores have not opened due to lack of merchandise; others only sell what they have in inventory to try to recover from losses during the “dry law” period.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (May 30, 2020).- Many Mazatlán stores remain closed, despite the fact that the dry law has been lifted in the state.

Others decided to open and offer the product they have left in the inventory, since the beer companies have not supplied them yet.

And some stores that lack many products, have decided not to open.

Store managers reported that sales did not increase as they expected. They explained that most people don’t have any money, and the prices of the fluctuate between 120 and 150 pesos for an eight-pack of beer.

In fact, some of these businesses actually raise their prices after 9:00 p.m.

Managers of a store near the Brewery, located on the corner of Gabriel Leyva Street and Melchor Ocampo Avenue, declared that they still do not operate.


Due to lack of income, some customers do not buy the full eight-pack of beer package, but just two or three cans.

Business owners are concerned. They argue that in the more than 30 days they did not work, they had no income to support their families.
They hope that at the beginning of the month the situation will improve.

The hope of the merchants is that with the possible economic reactivation the Mazatlecos can recover their jobs so sales can go back to normal.

After the suspension of the dry law, lots of people bought beer during the first two days, but by the third day, sales decreased significantly.

Source: Debate

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