No date set to allow outdoor exercise or sports in Mazatlan


There are two possibilities: allow only individual activities or allow the sport to take place, but limiting the capacity of people

No date to allow outdoor exercise or sports in Mazatlán

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- In Mazatlán, there is still no precise date to allow people to go outdoors again to exercise, nor to resume sports activities, said Humberto Álvarez Osuna, director of the Municipal Institute of the Sport in Mazatlán.

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“We officially do not have the data yet for the opening of sports venues, we would have to wait a bit,” he said, noting that next week there could be news about it, because on Monday there will be a meeting between authorities to address this situation.

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The head of the IMDEM said that there are two possibilities: start by allowing individual activities and excluding contact sport, or allow both activities, but limiting the capacity of people in the latter.

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In both cases, schemes must be defined that allow guidelines and restrictions, he emphasized.

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Regarding the realization of sporting events, Álvarez Osuna specified that there have been cancellations of these and that others are still waiting. The closest confirmed, he revealed, is the Mazatlán Cup, for the month of September.


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