Mazatlán City Council operating normally with minimum staff


Mazatlán, Sinaloa (May 15, 2020) .- The secretary of the Mazatlán City Council, José de Jesús Flores Segura, denied that there has been irresponsibility in the official acts and actions that have been carried out recently to face the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. After the mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, his wife, and five other municipal government officials tested positive for the virus.

He said that all recent acts were carried out with all the security measures ordered by the health authorities, such as the delivery of aid packages to people, Mother’s Day operation, the raffle and delivery of gifts, and the sanitation of offices and public places.

The secretary of the Mazatlán City Council, José de Jesús Flores Segura (Photo: OEM)

He stated that as a result of the positive cases of some officials, including the municipal president and his wife, the City Council will work with the minimum staff since the municipality cannot be left inoperative.

In the morning, the corridors and stairs of the Municipal Palace looked empty, in the offices there was only staff on duty and in the administration area also looked half empty.

(Photo: OEM)

The secretary of the City Council assured that if the session scheduled for today, Friday, May 15th is not held, there is still time to comply with the regulations that mark two sessions per month.

Flores Segura called on the population to take precautionary measures, since the risks of the coronavirus are real.

Mazatlan mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, his wife (OEM)

He concluded that they will be constantly monitoring the evolution of the disease of the officials, but he said that there is no need to worry since it is an issue that not only happened in this municipality, but there are also cases of officials at the state, national and international levels, which have been successfully overcome.

Source: OEM

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