Beachgoers risk their lives by going to distant beaches of Mazatlan to hide from restrictions


Aquatic elements implement a strategy to remove reluctant people

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Some people, because they want to spend a moment on the beach or challenge authority, go to bathes in more distant places in the urban area, risking their lives.

Elements of the Aquatic Salvage Squad announced that they have already implemented an operation to remove people from the beaches because sometimes bathers arrive very early at sea or very late when they left, so it was decided to divide the group and some go to work very early and the rest later to cover until 9:00 p.m.

The elements highlighted that just this weekend more than 300 people who went to the sea were removed from the beaches.

13 05 20 Bathers risk their lives

The worst of the case is that citizens are going to very dangerous areas such as the Ocánica area, where the Escopama bridge is to the north of the city, La Playa del Delfín, and where the Emerald Bay hotel is located and mainly it does it in the afternoon.

The aquatic elements mentioned that this week there have been strong swells and it is a risk for people to get into the sea, so they advise that they do not endanger their lives for a moment to enjoy the beach.


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