Tickets now on sale for the Caribbean Series 2021 to be held in Mazatlan


The Caribbean Professional Baseball Confederation in conjunction with the Mexican Pacific League has defined that the Caribbean Series 2021 in Mazatlán will take place from January 31 to February 6

“Right now we are fortunate that in 2021 the Super Bowl is scheduled for February 7, which has allowed our Caribbean Series to be scheduled from January 31 to end on February 6,” Canizales said. “That means we wouldn’t have any splices and it ‘s a week where there are practically no NFL games because it’s the media week there.”

Prices range between 19 thousand 570 pesos and 28 thousand 600 pesos per seat for the entire series

After making the dates and the logo of the 2021 Caribbean Series official, the tickets went on sale for almost 29 thousand pesos.

Officially, the Venados de Mazatlán in conjunction with the Mexican Pacific League announced the dates for the Caribbean Series 2021, revealed the logo of the competition while announcing the official sale of the first cards for the competition that, from no change, it will take place at the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium, tickets which reached a cost of 28 thousand Mexican pesos.

The VIP passes called “Deluxe Supreme”  for in the first block of seats behind home, has a total value of $ 28,600 pesos. The next tickets in the price range are the “Diamante”, for the blocks of seats above the dugouts, with a cost of $ 22,580 pesos, while the last ones available in the first phase of the sale are the “Platino”, located above of the two sections mentioned above, which have a cost of 19 thousand 570 pesos.

According to information from Boletomovil, the platform in charge of selling tickets, each package will include two games per day, in addition to the semifinal and the final . The tickets can be set aside now with $ 1,000 pesos and finish paying until October 15.


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