Extension in bank credits granted as an aid to Mazatlan businesses


Most banks honor the deal made with small and medium businesses that applied for this benefit.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa (May 11, 2020).- Despite the fact that some banking institutions extended the payment of credits to small and medium-sized companies, the situation will be difficult at the time of reactivation once the quarantine is lifted, members of Mazatlán’s private initiative point out.

The president of Coparmex, Jorge García Félix, explained that the bank launched an extension of up to four months in the payment of interest for satisfied clients, which has helped them a lot in these two months that non-essential companies have been closed.

García Félix said that small and medium-sized companies are the ones requesting the extension, because many of the large companies are funded and have reserves.

For his part, the vice president of tourism of the Mazatlán Chamber of Commerce, Óscar Tirado Bernal, considered that the term would have to be extended because the gradual reactivation of activities is going to be a long transition.

He pointed out that those who requested the extension had to go through a whole process, but most of the banks are respecting these extensions, however many continued with the payments on a regular basis, with their savings.

Source: OEM

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