Mazatlan Mosquito inspectors ask that you clean your patios before the rainy season


There will be no house-to-house dengue staff applying pesticides for the prevention of dengue-borne mosquitoes.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The campaign against dengue, Zika and Chikungunya have been carried out since the beginning of the year, however, for this next rainy season and in full contingency of Covid-19, the head of dengue inspectors Rojas, informed that there were changes in the staff to safeguard their health due to any possible contagion.

Pide Vectores limpiar patios antes de la temporada de lluvias

“The dengue program is all year round, especially pre rainy season we prepare much more in advance, and due to the contingency, no more work has been done in terms of prevention “We have a protocol issued by Cenaprece, which recommends that under the stage three scenario, we are not doing house-to-house work right now, visiting or entering homes,” he reported.

Exhortan a limpiar patios y tirar cacharros para evitar Dengue ...

Arredondo Rojas asked the citizens to help the Dengue corps by cleaning possible hatcheries in each home.

“How to avoid the development of the mosquito in their patios ?, because we are asking them to wash their patios and flower pots once a week and patios with saltwater every three days, that they do not have in their patios places where water is accumulating and the development of the mosquito is taking place, “he asked.

He argued that Sinaloa has not had outbreaks of dengue, zika, and chikungunya for three years, as the southern states of the country have been, indicating that the development of the larva is only in patios and not in estuaries or lagoons.

So far, he mentioned that they carry around 400 tons of hatcheries eliminated, which correspond from January to March, as well as a staff of 38 people; Subsequently, the works will continue once the health emergency has passed.


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