Mazatlecos will celebrate an atypical Mother’s Day; no “Mañanitas” with “Banda”


According to the musicians union, this activity, which is a tradition every year in Mazatlan, cannot be carried out due to the health contingency by Covid-19.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (May 9, 2020) .- Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, the date on which musicians generally have a lot of work, serenading mothers all over the port, but this year this will not be the case due to the health contingency.

Marco Antonio Gordoa Obeso, general secretary of the Mazatlán Musicians Union, said that in a talk he had with the municipal authorities, they told him to respect the period of quarantine for the coronavirus since by this time he would be on the cusp of contagion.

“I spoke to the Senior Official to find out how this was going to be carried out, to find out if it was going to be allowed, but they told me that it was not going to be allowed due to the pandemic, because these days would be the strongest,” he commented.

However, the philharmonic leader considered that perhaps many colleagues are going to do it, going to work; but we as a union the indication we have is that, that it will not be allowed.

Banda Tierra Sagrada

Gordoa Obeso appealed to the goodwill of the municipal authority so that if he sees some musicians working on such an important date, he will be tolerant and allow them to carry out their work as long as the prevention protocols are respected.

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