Covid-19 has generated losses for Mazatlan of 2.7 billion pesos


In Mexico, the losses are over 500 billion pesos and in the Sinaloa, they are 15 billion pesos, from March 17 to May 10

Mazatlán, Sinaloa .- The tertiary sector (commerce, services and tourism) has stopped receiving 2.7 billion pesos in Mazatlán, estimated the general secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Services (Canaco Servitur) and leader of the National Association of Motels, Guillermo Romero. 

He added that the Covid-19 health emergency has affected this sector throughout the country.

In Mexico, losses are over 500 billion pesos and in the Sinaloa, they are 15 billion pesos, from March 17 to May 10 (the estimate was made until that day). “But there is still a light at the end of the tunnel.”

The businessman in the tourism industry highlighted that hoteliers are getting ready to reopen from June 1.

Has the stoppage been difficult due to the Covid-19?

Yes, having to stop all non-essential activities due to the health emergency has severely affected this sector and its collaborators.

When closing shops, services, and hotels, there is no income but there are expenses, since they have to pay salaries, taxes, and maintaining establishments also costs. These provisions were followed to avoid contagion by the coronavirus.

Is it going to be difficult to recover?

Yes, it will be a very long process. There have been billions of losses. Here in Mazatlán, there are estimated 2,7 billion pesos in tertiary activities (commerce, services, and hotels). This year will be very difficult to close without profit, and this affects everyone.

Do you have a date to reopen?

June 1 is an estimated date to reopen hotels in the country, is what has been reported. But it is not a definite term.

Everything will depend on how the pandemic develops in the country, and above all, in the state and in Mazatlán.

Are you ready to open?

Some companies have already started this process. Strong investments will have to be made to be ready and open when the authority so requires.

Will there be modifications?

Of course, nothing will be the same after the pandemic. Modifications of all kinds have to be made.

At the reception there will be mouthguards, equipment with gel (antibacterial) will be installed in several strategic points. This is already being done in hotels, as it is already done in the United States.

Does Covid-19 mark a before and after?

Yes, everything will be different, and this is very clear to us hoteliers, shops, and those who provide services. Even the cleaning of the rooms will change.

And the services they provide? 

There are hotels that offer all-inclusive, but this may no longer be able to operate. The buffet generates crowds and sanitary measures will no longer allow guests to serve themselves (food). They will continue to be offered, but they will have to be served by the employees, who will have to bring face masks, cover their hair, wear gloves, taking care of all hygiene measures.

Do they already have the provisions of authority?

No. We are waiting for the provisions of the Cofepriss, but we are ahead in hygiene areas.

Is the arrival of tourism going to be slow?

Yes, because there is little movement of the airlines. The international ones will take time. Mazatlán will begin to benefit from regional tourism. 

Tourism from Durango, Coahuila, Zacatecas, Chihuahua and Nuevo León will begin to come from the Northern Economic Corridor. 

Also, from the states of Nayarit, Jalisco, and the interior of the state.

Furthermore, we have the advantage that people will not want to travel to Europe and the United States in the short and medium-term.

Do you think they can be recovered this year?

No. It will take several months for recovery to begin. There will even be companies that cannot reopen. The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are very severe and the quarantine is not yet over.


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