Mazatlan embarcadero fish market to Isla de la piedra cordoned off to maintain healthy distance


Those who enter to buy fish at the embarcadero must wear masks and keep their healthy distance

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- With 2 accesses, one entrance and one exit, the entry of each person who comes to buy fish is controlled on the pier to the Isla de la Piedra.

The measure is made by City Council personnel, who ask people to wear mouth covers and keep their due distance as part of the actions to counter possible Covid-19 infections .

The merchant Ernesto González Camberos commented, the actions carried out by the authority are good, however there are people who do not pay attention and skip the entrances to enter the commercial premises.

All this is for the good of us and our clients, although there are those who ignore what is asked of them and refuse to comply because they are told what to do.

Ernesto González Camberos

He acknowledged that the absence of buyers has caused sales to drop by as much as 30 percent, despite the fact that fish prices remained at those registered 2 months ago, before the coronavirus pandemic appeared in the country.


The Mazatlan Post