Ismael lasted 14 days intubated at the Mazatlán General Hospital, and finally won the battle


“It is a miracle,” says one of the doctors on duty about the first patient recovered after being intubated for 14 days at the Mazatlán General Hospital.

MAZATLÁN, SINALOA (April 28, 2020).- Ismael, a 28-year-old from El Rosario, Sinaloa became the first patient with Covid-19 to be discharged from the Mazatlán General Hospital, despite having been intubated for 14 days.

“It is a miracle, because his condition was very serious, so much that he had to remain intubated for 14 days, but ultimately, the man survived,” said a doctor on duty who personally dealt with the case.

The doctor indicated that the authorities of the General Hospital Martiniano Carvajal do not want to make a big fuss, but it is news that deserves to be celebrated.

Mostly so people know that there is hope for those who contract Covid-19; that they can trust the Health System, because, despite the shortcomings, everything possible is being done to save lives.

“He is a young man from El Rosario, we do not have his address or his last name, all we know is that he survived, that he will have to rest for a week, with the care of his family, but he made it out of the hospital,” the doctor said.

“Ismael comes from a low-income family in the community of El Rosario, they are farmers”. the doctor concluded.

Source: Noroeste

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