Amid the pandemic, the government forgets about Isla de la Piedra in Mazatlan


The inhabitants of the Isla de la Piedra require the City Council to provide food baskets and financial support

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Faced with the pandemic caused by Covid-19, the inhabitants of Isla de la Piedra are in uncertainty due to the lack of employment and support.

Isla de la Piedra Sinaloa Mexico, Playas de Mexico

The inhabitants lived on the local and foreign tourism that came to Isla de la Piedra “Stone Island”

On a tour of the community, the ejido is abandoned

Repuntan visitas a Isla de la Piedra a un 500% por Semana Santa ...

The beaches were alone compared to another normal Sunday, as they were always bursting with locals and visitors who enjoyed the view and the calm surf.

The crisis

Many settlers have been left without a livelihood. 

Around 6o families are unemployed due to the pandemic.

Some chose to carry out different activities, such as chinchorro fishing, and although it sells little, the inhabitants can feed on these products.

They are also engaged in recycling and coconut fields.

The concern of the heads of families is that sales collapse completely and they have no way to survive the quarantine.

José Juan Hernández Martínez, a neighbor of the ejido, stressed that the panorama of loneliness alarms the neighbors.

Residents expected a good tourist influx for the Easter holidays, but the contingency ruined their plans as they had no visitors. 

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The boatmen are also in crisis, as they only move the same inhabitants who go to Mazatlan to buy their food.

They demand support.

The neighbors regretted that the Mazatlán City Council has forgotten them. They assured that they have not granted any type of support, despite the fact that the islanders are the most affected by the lack of tourists.

They urge the municipal Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres to go to Isla de la Piedra and deliver at least some food baskets to the inhabitants since they do not have the resources to acquire them.

We have not had the support of the municipal authority, said Hernández Martínez.


They hope that the pandemic will end soon, as they expect tourism to return for the summer vacation to the Island.

They estimated that if the tourists return comes in June, they could get back on their feet.

In addition to the food baskets, they want the municipal and state governments to implement a project to support all those affected by the contingency.

They must seek support for all of us who are left without jobs, we no longer have money, Hernández Martínez concluded.


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