There are no more excuses to comply with all garbage collection routes in Mazatlan


Public Services has just received 10 new units, and from now on there will be no justification for not complying with citizens, declared Luis Antonio González Olague

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Now with the new units that the Urban Cleaning Department received, Public Services should not have excuses to offer and comply with all garbage collection routes in Mazatlán, said Luis Antonio González Olague.

The director of Public Services in the Municipality clarified that due to the sanitary contingency of the COVID-19 virus, the generation of garbage in businesses has decreased, but it increased a little in house-rooms; on average, between 500 and 600 tons are collected locally.

“We are no longer going to have an excuse for things not to be done, unless some of those who drive the trucks decide not to do their job, from there on a route there is, a route that has to be fulfilled because right now we have to meet all the collection demands ”.

“… what we have noticed is that the garbage from businesses has decreased, but we are more or less collecting within the limits of 500 tons or 600 tons,” he said.

The local official specified that the possibility of expanding the routes to offer a better service to the new subdivisions of the Municipality is being analyzed, and even more now that conditions have changed for the good of the Commune because there are new units.

“We are seeing this possibility of increasing two more routes because the city is truly growing, and that is already being managed. Normally they are the new areas that have been populating, new subdivisions and all this, that when they are already in service we have to put them on a certain route, “he said.

He referred that the work of the Urban Cleaning staff is essential for the town. Even, the purchase of new dump trucks has been requested to avoid having to rent and save that resource.


The Mazatlan Post