Planes landing in Mazatlan with only one passenger onboard


Taxi drivers were parked outside the Mazatlan airport, when they saw that a plane was about to touch down. Finally, they are going to be able to make a few pesos in the midst of this terrible economic situation. But after a while of waiting for the people to come out, they realize that only one person steps out of the door…

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (April 24, 2020).- Only three national and one international airlines are currently operating at Mazatlán Airport, reaching a maximum capacity of 50%. And sometimes, these flights arrive with one single passenger.

The president of Atamsa, Román Aguayo Hernández, declared that the Covid-19 health contingency has generated serious problems among taxi drivers, since the activity of transfers from the air terminal to the city has collapsed.

Aeroméxico, Volaris, and Viva Aerobús are the only airlines that are flying to Mazatlán, in a very irregular way, and the only international airline is American Airlines, with the frequency of Dallas and Phoenix, and on Monday, April 20th, one of those international flights arrived with only one passenger.

Aguayo Hernández stated that with these flights and the few passengers they’re bringing in, they only keep 20 units out of a total of 82 in operation at the airport’s taxi fleet.

The transport leader appealed for the government’s help in this terrible situation for the sector since this social activity paralysis is not allowing these drivers to provide for their families.

“We are very concerned about what will happen after the last day of April. We are about to throw the towel, but hopefully, the federal or state authorities will support the small and medium-sized companies, like the one we represent”, Aguayo Hernández concluded.

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