Mazatlans Rafael Buelna Ave about 80% complete


* Finish earlier than scheduled

* Work of about 4 kilometers

The works of Rafael Buelna Avenue work about 80 percent in the installation of hydraulic concrete and practically the construction companies have already reached the end of the section, on the Mexico 15 highway, at the exit to Culiacán, in the Glorieta and Fuente of the water. It is about 4 kilometers.

Most of the sections are with hydraulic concrete until the junction with Las Torres Avenue, where the Infonavit Playas begins. Some parts of the bike path are needed and, of course, the signs on the entire avenue, from Valentino to almost in front of the newspaper El Debate, as well as half of the lights on the median.

Also on the ridge the bike path and the “green corridor” with ornamental plants and the English type lawn. It is possible that, at the pace that the construction companies are carrying out, they will finish before August, the date of the program for the total delivery of the avenue, at a cost of 145 million pesos.


The Mazatlan Post