Banda MS will give food baskets to musicians affected by COVID-19 in Mazatlan


* As a measure to support the pandemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Sinaloa, the MS Band will be in charge of donating food supplies to ordinary musicians in the city of Mazatlan, an action that is preceded by a challenge launched by Julio Preciado.

“Of course if they don’t nominate us, we nominate ourselves. We are going to help, we are going to force ourselves to cooperate, we have fellow IWIPA, musicians who are on the beach, who are struggling on the street trying to survive ” Oswaldo Silvas, member of the Banda MS.

In an interview conducted for the Notimex agency, the group assured that it understands the situation of these musicians because they started that way, so now they have to support:

“At the time, this was Banda MS and we are going to support them because they are colleagues because many are friends of ours and we have to join the fight and do our bit.” Oswaldo Silvas, member of the Banda MS.

The members of the band know that the secret of success is “not letting it go to your head”, despite the achievements they have had:

“We know that the success of Banda MS has not been the result of a single person, it has been a whole, of union, synergy, and well to be clear that while we are an important part, we can also be replaceable and if you are not stable and not You are well-grounded, you can easily fall, that keeps us stable and I hope we continue. ” Alan Ramírez, member of the MS Band.

Finally,  Osvaldo Silvas asked all his followers to take care of themselves,  wash their hands, wear facemasks, listen to the security people, and not leave their homes.


The Mazatlan Post