Try Don Eliot’s delicious sugary churros in Mazatlan


* 30 years of experience

* With Sugar and Cinnamon

If you have a craving for something delicious and sweet, we recommend “Churros Eliot” who for more than 30 years has sold sugary churros to Mazatlecos to sweeten their lives.

“In the business we are already thirty years old, before I was at the General Hospital but since they already changed it, I had to look for my little place too and here I am already happy,” he said.

Don Eliot explained to us that the preparation of the churros is very easy but the result is delicious.

“The preparation is simple, cinnamon, vanilla and flour but people like it very much, in about ten minutes they are ready, if they are golden, it is because they are well made; I sell it with sugar and cinnamon but many people also ask me for them natural. “

You can find them in Avenida las Americas and Jorge Negrete in Colonia Juarez.

Churros Eliot is a one hundred percent Mazatlecos and family business that lives off its sales, for them we invite you to consume these crazy things in these difficult times that the country is going through!


The Mazatlan Post