Mazatlan Officials Check Daily from 100 to 120 Businesses to make sure they are in compliance with COVID orders


* 36 inspectors in three shifts

* They sanction gyms and a canteen

In the three shifts, officers of the Senior Officials verify the proper functioning of the contingency measures and inspects an average of 100 to 120 shops and businesses on a daily basis, of which very few have been sanctioned, especially gyms and a canteen, said the head of this local government agency, Javier Lira González.

Questioned in one of the corridors of the Municipal Palace of Mazatlán, the so-called “Capi” Lira said that there are 36 inspectors and that the biggest businesses that have been admonished are gyms that work behind closed doors and that a public complaint was taken.

He indicated that businesses have agreed to close and there have been very few economic sanctions. He recognized that people collaborate without great problems and take the healthy distance, even the majority of the food businesses take them home, mainly the taqueros.

Lira González said that not only the urban area is inspected, in the colonies, but also the rural area in unions such as Villa Unión, El Recodo, among others.


The Mazatlan Post