Mazatlan’s Soriana 65-year-old parking attendant overwhelm by community support


Don Abel, grateful to God and to the people who have helped

* He already bought his wife’s medicine and travels by truck

* He is happy for all the support received by the citizens

Don Abel Ramírez, 65 years old, works as a “viene viene”, went viral on social networks after Sinaloa Online interviewed him.

In said interview, Don Abel regretted the fact that his financial situation was very bad, due to lack of work as a consequence of the health contingency of the COVID-19 virus; He worked 14 hours and only earned 70 pesos.

The interview quickly became popular on The Mazatlan Post and social networks and people with good hearts did not hesitate to support Don Abel.

Medicines, pantries and monetary supports Abel received from different people who decided to help him.

A week after our first meeting with Don Abel, we decided to look for him; With a big smile on his face, he said that he is happy and grateful to all the people who offered their help.

“They have supported me a lot with money and money to me and my colleagues, I feel very happy and we thank the people who helped us, they are people who touched our hearts, we do not know how to thank them for the support they gave us,” he said. .

He highlighted the fact that the supports helped them pay off some debts and of course to buy his wife’s medications.

“I already have the medicines, thank God they helped me and I got out of several debts that I had; I feel happy I don’t worry so much I don’t feel stuck as I was before, I even come by bus and not walking ”, he commented.

Don Abel will continue working while he can to save a little money for difficult days.

“I like working because it makes me feel that I am useful, I will continue working while I can if it is my turn, it is God’s will,, people are helping us to protect ourselves with masks and gel, but we should not confide so much and be careful “

Finally, he reiterated his total appreciation for the supports he received, as well as his other colleagues.

“Very grateful to everyone and may God repay them for everything they have given us, thank you for helping me and my colleagues,” he added.


The Mazatlan Post