“Virusbusters” sanitize Mazatlan’s malecón


The virus hunters keep disinfecting the boardwalk in Mazatlán.

Equipped with special suits, masks, goggles, boots, tanks with chemical substances and spray hoses, the “Virusbusters” continue with the campaign that seeks to mitigate and contain the transmission of the coronavirus.

The virus hunters could be seen out on the Malecón on the morning of Monday April 13th, spraying the coastal promenade of the port, starting at the letters of Mazatlán and all the way up to Olas Altas.

A total of 15 “Virusbusters” equipped with special suits, face masks, boots, tanks with chemical substances and spray hoses are working in different parts of the city, disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces that could host the feared coronavirus.

The Mazatlan Post


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