People of Mazatlan effectively practicing “social distancing”


People in Mazatlán are understanding the situation, says the head of Civil Protection.

Óscar Roberto Osuna Tirado declared that Saturday April 11, has passed quietly, without any trouble in the port.

MAZATLÁN, SINALOA (April 11, 2020).- During this Saturday of Easter there were no reports of beach rescues, missing children, or any other emergencies… because most people are staying at home, and there were simply no events to report.

Óscar Roberto Osuna Tirado, coordinator of the Sinaloa State Institute of Civil Protection in the southern zone, reported that during “Glorious Saturday”, the port of Mazatlan was quiet, without bathers on beaches, roads without traffic jams, businesses closed and most people at home.

Source: Noroeste

The Mazatlan Post


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