Mazatlan shrimp ladies face days without sales

From 100 pesos minimum to nothing is what merchants get in the current vacation period

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The worst Holy Week in the history of shrimp sellers in the Center of Mazatlán, the merchants have had, registering maximum sales of up to 20 percent, after the lack of tourists.

Shrimp Ladies (Las Changueras) |

The President of the Union of Seafood Sellers, María de Jesús Beltrán Flores , reported that consumption plummeted after the end of the Lenten season, where they had maximum sales of 50 percent to previous years

With the start of Easter, he assured, they expected that the demand of the producers they offer would increase minimally, which was quite the opposite due to the lack of consuming public, which is conspicuous by its absence due to the COVID-19 issue.

This did not rebound, now we are waiting for the people who are visiting to retire and buy shrimp and fish to take away, because what happened on Thursday and today has been a very bad sale, which is actually made by local people who go out from their houses to bring something to eat 

María de Jesús Beltrán Flores

Beltrán Flores, he indicated, they hope that the situation will be resolved once the 40 days given by the health authorities to control the pandemic end, although they believe that consumption will increase until the summer holidays.


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