Mazatlan Secretary of the City Council guarantees safety against looters


MAZATLAN.- Security and surveillance in the tourist and commercial areas of the city of Mazatlán, and in addition to the rural area, is guaranteed on these holy days, José de Jesús Flores Segura said.

The secretary of the City Council added that in the commercial areas, which today are closed due to the health contingency due to the COVID-19, a special operation has been created, where police officers come by car or on foot to detect possible looters. and stop them.

José de Jesús Flores Segura.

There were meetings with managers of convenience stores and commercial chains, who indicated the most conflictive or vulnerable points in terms of robberies, and there the surveillance is strengthened, he assured.

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The indication of the mayor Luis Benítez is that the Municipality coordinate well with the National Guard, Army, and Navy, for security tours and to raise awareness among people who want to enter the beaches, to better abstain, as they are closed as a measure to avoid spreading the COVID-19 coronavirus, Flores Segura added.

Prevention operations in both urban and rural areas are not only favored by this coordination between different levels of government but also because there are few people on the streets, he stressed.

Gobierno del Estado de Sinaloa


Flores Segura highlighted that in the accesses to the northern part of the port of Mazatlán there are Civil Protection personnel checking people, checking their temperature, delivering brochures and antibacterial gel, all as a barrier to stop the COVID-19 coronavirus.


The Mazatlan Post


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