4 thousand unemployed people request support from the City


The COVID-19 health contingency has generated unemployment for some people in the municipality, so they go to the City Hall in search of support

Mazatlán.- More than 4 thousand people unemployed due to the COVID-19 health contingency have requested support from the municipal authorities.

The director of Welfare and Social Development of Mazatlán, Tonatiuh Guerra Martínez, reported that until last Monday there were 4,150 people who had been unemployed and went to the Municipal Palace to request support.

The support consists of 400 pesos and a basket with supplies, which includes soup, beans, eggs, oil, toasts, flour and other basic products, plus 400 pesos in cash.

Guerra Martínez recalled that registrations and deliveries will be suspended during Thursday and Friday during Semana Santa.

The Mazatlan Post


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