Mazatlan Venados Baseball Team Can Continue Playing in the “Teodoro Mariscal”

  • There are no risks to baseball
  • Without political overtones, says the mayor

The mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, rejected that there are political overtones in the withdrawal of the concession of the baseball stadium “Teodoro Mariscal” to the families Toledo Ortiz and Toledo Pinto, and reiterated that it was based on non-compliance with various clauses of an agreement signed in 2018 and which gave that concession until August of the year 2045. There are no risks of the winter baseball season; “Deer can continue playing,” he said.

He said that at the moment the City Council has custody and protection of the sports arena and that, in due course, the new concession will be delivered to whoever is interested and meets the requirements of the law.

The munícipe that does not run the risk of the next baseball season that begins in October, nor the Caribbean Series of 2021; the “Deer” will be able to continue playing in the Teodoro Mariscal. Here are two different things: one is the stadium concession and the other is the owner of the Venados de Mazatlán team; We want Los Venados to continue playing and we will provide all the facilities so that they continue playing… ”

He indicated that in addition to some unfulfilled clauses, the Pacific Coast Entertainment company had not yet completed the reconstruction in one of the towers and where some elevators go.

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To a specific question, he also accepted that another of the facts that led to the withdrawal of the concession is that by law and in the national emergency situation, all the buildings of the federal, state and municipal governments could be used to help in the situation and the problem faced by COVID 19 and “they (the Toledo families) refused to lend the baseball stadium to carry out actions to support the people.”

Regarding the businesses that are inside the stadium, the mayor Benítez Torres clarified that he will give all the facilities so that the businesses continue operating, although “I insist the concession is already in the hands of the municipality.”

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