Hotel Playa Mazatlán joins the temporary closure due to Covid-19


Due to the health emergency, the lodging establishment will remain closed until April 30.

Mazatlán, Sin.- The iconic Hotel Playa Mazatlán with 65 years of history and tradition, joins the hotels that have temporarily closed in the face of the COVID-19 contingency.

Hotel Playa Mazatlán (Archive)

Through a statement, it was reported that in order to give serenity to both guests and collaborators who have firmly and enthusiastically maintained serving visitors during these last two weeks of high global uncertainty, it was agreed to close reservations and operations.

Hotel Playa Mazatlán (Archive)

The document states that for more than six decades, this hotel has lived through multiple economic depressions, epidemics, numerous social, financial problems and natural disasters, however, the current public health situation is a different nature since it requires taking radical actions to comply with the corresponding guidelines.

Hotel Playa Mazatlán (

They will close their service, lodging, restaurants and operating areas for one month, but will remain on the lookout for federal government guidelines.

Regarding the change of reservation dates, the hotel noted that they will be adjusted as operations resume.

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