#LadyCoronavirus appears in Mexico City


A dispute originated in the CDMX Metrobús involving a young woman who was asking not to be touched, in order to avoid contagion of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The coronavirus pandemic has started to make some people nervous, as happened last Tuesday March 24, when a Mexico City Metrobús user had a discussion with another woman because she asked not to be touched, to avoid being infected with Covid-19.

This action was filmed with a cell phone, and shared on social networks in two videos, the footage soon went viral and the young woman asking not to be touched was nicknamed #LadyCoronavirus.

The videos show how a girl, around her twenties, demands a woman to stay away and not to touch her, because she brushed her with a jacket, which she did not likeat all, as she wanted to keep her distance, so as not to be exposed to a Covid-19 coronavirus contagion.

The Mazatlan Post


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