Demand for oranges increase due to coronavirus in the world


The price of orange has increased by one percent in the US, due to the belief that vitamin C fights COVID-19

The price of orange juice rose sharply this week in several markets such as New York, in the United States, driven by the demand from consumers who hope that vitamin C will help them fight the coronavirus pandemic.

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The pound of orange juice rose more than 20 percent in five days to hit $ 1.2 usd on the New York market, a level it reached last year around this time, but had evolved since then.

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Orange juice is one of the “most benefited products on the markets” at the moment, AxiCorp analyst Stephen Innes told AFP because of its “immunostimulatory properties.” Brazil, with two-thirds of world production, according to data compiled by Rabobank, is by far the main supplier.

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