Demand for taxis at Mazatlan’s airport drops 50%


Cancellation of Canadian flights and decreased occupancy on domestic flights has decreased the demand for services

Resultado de imagen de aeropuerto mazatlan vacio

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – Given the decrease in the occupation of national flights and the cancellation of some international airlines arriving in Mazatlán, airport taxi drivers have registered a drop of 50% in the demand for passage.

The Atamsa leader, Román Aguayo Hernández, stated that three days ago the decrease in passengers in the cabin began to suffer and therefore the demand for transportation services.

Resultado de imagen de aeropuerto mazatlan vacio

It has not been suspended, all continue to arrive but they are arriving with low occupancy in the cabin, therefore we have already lowered 50% in occupancy

Román Aguayo Hernández

He added that with the Canadian government’s policy calling on his compatriots to return to his country, they canceled the Swoop, WestJet and Sunwing airlines that supply Canadian tourism to Mazatlán during the winter season.

Aguayo Hernández, said that in the case of the United States Suncountry American Air Line, Alaska continues to fly to the destination although with low occupancy

The transporter leader announced that in the following days the board of directors will hold a meeting to see how to reduce the supply of service to the vehicle fleet that is 81 units.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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